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how to find your ultimate lover?

Available in Print, kindle and Audio book

This Book is all you will need to know about the journey. Your 1st step, It very simply describes the steps to take the journey and come into Harmonious union with your Twinflame. It’s a must have. Written by Jeff & Shaleia, Twinflame in permanent Harmonious Union.

Welcome to heaven on earth

Jeff & Shaleia

My life has transformed completely by the teaching of my guru's, They have changed many lives and they are still working on the same. And my ultimate happiness lies in sharing their work to the world & all my brothers & Sisters.....Come Join us the heaven on earth....

learn and heal to Harmonious union

Twin Flame Ascension School is a revolutionary online school that teaches you how to fully heal yourself within, thus attracting your Twin Flame, You will learn, how to manifest and maintain your Harmonious Twin Flame Union eternally. Jeff and Shaleia, share this gift in a way that makes it easy for you, too.

I am a certified ascension coach

I am certified Ascension Coach. Deep in your heart you must have always felt when you choose this journey you need to share and talk to someone about your blocks. This is the reason why it is so important to claim your support or a coach, who can really help to clear your blocks on your journey which fastens the process. I am a student of Jeff & Shaleia and trained to coach you thru your blocks and help you surrender into your Harmonious Union with your Twinflame.