Twinflame Reading, Tarot Readings, Healing through readings.

Channeled Readings

Sometimes we all need answers isn’t it! who do we seek then…. the universe, our Spirit Guides or Angels….that’s true.

I provide Tarot & Twinflame Readings to help you clear your blocks on this journey. Every time a card is pulled is the guidance of the Divine and i can help channel those messages from the universe to clear your blocks & energies. It’s one of the best ways to build a communication with the Divine and understand your next move.

Twinflame Readings

10 Card Readings on – Current blocks & Healing #42

Receive a full reading on how you can clear your blocks & energies, no need of feeling stuck on this Journey.

Will help you to co-create your relationship with your twinflame.

INR 3,333 & USD 45,

How to Surrender on this journey #42

Receive a reading on what and how you must keep surrendering on this journey.

Helps you to release control & Resistance’

INR 2,222 & USD 30